All Whey Protein Is Not The Same

Whey Protein Online 3It has been said that knowledge is the key to the success and arming oneself with as much knowledge as possible increases your chances of being successful in your endeavors.

When it comes to whey protein, depending on your level of athleticism and what you are trying to achieve, it is important to know that not all whey protein is the same.

Different Types of Whey Protein

It can be broken down into different categories that include ion exchange, concentrates, and isolates. Traditional protein powders usually contain around 30% to 40% protein, while some of the new protein powders have as much as 90% protein.

However, whey isolate contains between 90% and 96% protein and is processed to a higher level of refinement than ordinary protein powders.

Of all the processes used in manufacturing protein powders, the two that will be considered here produce the highest quality available today. These two types are the concentrated  protein itself and protein isolates.

Whey Protein: Considerations

Here are a few items that should be taken into consideration when deciding between which of these two quality proteins you should be purchasing for your supplementation needs.

• Concentrates contain between 70% and 85% protein
• In contrast isolates contain 90% protein or more
• The more refined the isolates are in the protein the less lactose it contains as well as less fat

Additionally there are two types of filtration processes used when making protein isolates. These two processes are known as microfiltration and ion exchange. Of the two methods microfiltration is better as it does not damage the proteins in the manufacturing process as the ion exchange method does.

Another benefit that makes the protein isolates more appealing is that they can be very easily be mixed with water or milk or just about any other beverage that you choose to use.

There is no need to use a blender or other mixing device as it dissolves easily into just about any liquid. Just as it is dissolved easily into just about any liquid is also rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream where it begins its process of helping your muscles to grow and increase in size.

In addition to its ability to help increase your muscle mass and size better than other protein powders, it is also responsible for increasing your performance during your workout sessions and aids in the growth and recovery of your muscles during the post workout period.

One downside that you may find with whey isolates is that they are a bit more expensive than other protein powders, however if you are looking to separate yourself from the rest of the pack it is well worth the price.

When used in accordance with the manufacturer directions you can expect this product to help you to achieve the muscle gains and mass that you deserve from your hard workout sessions.

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